What Is the Penalty for Not Paying IRS Taxes?

Taxpayers incur a substantial penalty when IRS taxes are left unpaid. In this blog post, attorney Robert Schaller explores the different type of penalties assessed by the IRS for not paying IRS taxes. Plus, the attorney will explore steps that offer IRS tax relief. IRS Penalty for Unpaid Taxes It is essential for taxpayers to […]

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IRS Tax Transcripts Are Essential for IRS Tax Relief

Obtaining IRS tax transcripts is vital to successful IRS tax relief. Negotiating an IRS offer in compromise or an installment agreement can provide much-needed IRS tax relief for taxpayers facing financial challenges. To ensure accuracy and make informed decisions, it is essential to review IRS tax transcripts during this process. Let’s delve into the significance […]

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Resolving Unpaid Sales Tax

Unpaid sales tax can be a significant burden for retailers, creating financial strain and potential legal consequences. When faced with such challenges, seeking the guidance of an experienced Illinois tax attorney like Robert Schaller becomes crucial. Let’s explore how an Illinois tax attorney can support retailers. Attorneys can negotiate a repayment installment agreement with the […]

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