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IRS Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief from IRS Back Taxes

Innocent Spouse Relief should be sought by any divorced woman who is suffering from unpaid IRS back taxes because of an ex-husband’s bad acts. These bad acts include the ex-husband’s failure to include self-employment income or gambling earnings on an IRS 1040. Sometimes an ex-husband improperly claims business deductions from his self-employment gross revenues. Frequently, […]

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Schaller Law Firm

How does the IRS Collect IRS Back Taxes? By Attorney Robert Schaller

IRS back taxes are collected by the IRS through a formal program known as the IRS Collection Process. The collection of IRS back taxes can be brutal and result in wage garnishments, bank levies, and IRS tax liens. Affirmative action by your tax attorney is best; Ignoring the IRS leads to disaster. How are IRS […]

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