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Bob Schaller Picture Your initial consultation starts the healing process. Our meeting will allow you to ask questions and gain information in an atmosphere of mutual respect and privacy. You can tap into my legal skill developed over 28 years of legal practice and more than 2,500 bankruptcy cases.

Through conversation, we can assess your situation. I can advise you of bankruptcy options and determine with you if bankruptcy is right for you. We will discuss the different types of bankruptcy, your financial situation, the problems you are having with creditors and the impact filing bankruptcy will have on your life. I will address any questions and concerns that you may have about filing for bankruptcy.

In order to receive meaningful bankruptcy advice that accurately assesses your situation, you will need to provide me with as much of the following information as you can at our initial meeting. Any documents you cannot provide now can be sent to me later.

IDENTIFICATION. You should show your driver’s license and your Social Security card.

INCOME INFORMATION. I will need copies of your current pay stubs for you and your spouse. If you are not currently working, then please provide copies of any unemployment compensation.

OTHER FINANCIAL RECORDS. Please bring with you (i) a completed questionnaire that will be sent to you; (ii) copies of your bills; (iii) income tax returns for the past year; and (iv) copies of your most current bank statements.

CURRENT CREDIT REPORT. If you engage me, then I will pull a credit report.

BUSINESS INCOME INFORMATION. If you own a business, then please provide a profit and loss statement for the past 12 months if one is available.

Required Notices and Disclosures: